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Delaware Trust is a leading provider of corporate trust and agency services. Headquartered in Wilmington Delaware, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of CSC and a fully regulated institution. We are a boutique provider that supports alternative asset managers, capital markets participants, merger and acquisition professionals, corporate and institutional borrowers and debt issuers, restructuring professionals as well as lenders and bond holders.

Our expert team comprises lawyers, corporate trust administrators, and financial professionals who not only understand Delaware’s business-friendly court system, but also operate on a global scale capable of transacting wherever our clients are.


Pat O'Leary

Pat O'Leary

Director of Business Development


Dave Straub

Dave Straub

Director of Business Development



  • Ownership, independence, continuity

    CSC is a privately held business that has been providing expert services to our clients for more than 120 years. Delaware Trust is an independent trust company, not affiliated with any lending institution, law firm, or investment advisory firm, minimizing the likelihood of conflict of interest. This contrasts with much of the market, dominated by private equity owned businesses built for sale and publicly traded companies driven by quarterly profit targets.

  • Unrivalled service quality

    Each year, our largest source of new revenue is generated from our existing client base, through both repeat and referral business. This is a testament to our highly experienced, long-tenured employees with backgrounds in law, banking, and accounting. These experts are relentless in their determination to deliver exceptional service.

  • One global team

    Our professionals in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific work as one to deliver fully complementary and multi-jurisdictional solutions. Our global capabilities and team-based approach enable us to work in partnership with our clients regardless of market, service, or asset type.

  • Passion for the complex

    An appetite and ability to engage in complex and cross-border transactions is what truly sets us apart. Drawing on our expertise across diverse deal structures, we excel at grasping client goals, analyzing transaction details, and quickly adapting our services to meet a client’s unique business requirements.


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