Delaware Trust wasn’t born yesterday. Since founders Josiah P. Marvel and Christopher L. Ward went into business together over a century ago, managing a trust company was part of the foundation of their partnership.

In 1899, Josiah Marvel and Christopher Ward merged independent businesses that helped companies incorporate, operate, and stay in compliance to form Corporation Service Company®, Delaware Trust’s parent company. Later, in 1917, when trust charters were easier to come by than in present day, Ward purchased a handful for later use.

Even through the Great Depression and the death of both founders in the 1930s and 40s, the company continued to earn a profit and grow. In 1968, the board discovered that Capital Trust Company was available for purchase. While small, it had a long history, and was a smart acquisition.

In 1979, the board reactivated the trust charter for Delaware Charter Guarantee & Trust Company, and started doing business in 1981. Within a few years, it had become larger than the parent company, and in 1986, was sold to Principal Mutual Life Insurance Company, now the Principal Financial Group.

In 1999, another of Ward’s early-century trust charters was activated to establish Capital Trust Company of Delaware. With an initial focus on personal trust, Capital Trust branched out into corporate trust in 2002 and soon realized that this line of business had greater synergy with the parent’s core business. So in 2006, the personal trust side of the company was sold and the corporate trust accounts were transferred to CSC Trust Company of Delaware, a company focused exclusively on corporate trust services.

In 2010, the company separated business offerings into five related units including CSC Trust Company of Delaware. A few years later in 2014, CSC Trust Company of Delaware renamed Delaware Trust. There is a great deal of history standing behind a business that today specializes in special purpose entities, corporate trust and agency services, special purpose vehicle management, and independent director services.


For other companies, service might be a cliché, but for Delaware Trust, it’s our foundation. Because Delaware Trust is not affiliated with a bank, lender, or third party, we pride ourselves on delivering the services our customers need, when they need them.

Trust and agency services

At Delaware Trust, we offer a range of trust, safekeeping, and agency services. As a truly independent provider, we are regulated by both the Delaware State Bank Commissioner and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and are not affiliated with any lender or firm.

Director services

We have provided experienced directors for more than 20,000 transactions since 1988. We offer a flexible array of service alternatives, providing directors or springing members to businesses, including companies in distress.

Special purpose vehicle management

We are an industry leader in providing solutions for special purpose vehicles (SPVs) domiciled in Delaware or Nevada. Solutions include corporate office and governance, international SPVs, and passive investment company services.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance services cover the entire SPV or corporate trust lifecycle, from formation to dissolution. Our portfolio of services includes business licensing, jurisdictional qualification, compliance watch, advisory services, entity management, and associated administrative support services, and nexus/situs services.

Delaware Trust’s team of attorneys, certified public accountants, legal, and financial professionals is ready to serve you.

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