For nearly 30 years, Delaware Trust Company (Delaware Trust) has provided experienced directors to companies for the management of complex and unique transactions. We offer a flexible array of Director services and Springing Member service alternatives including:

  • Independent directors for bankruptcy remote entities and other special purpose entities formed in conjunction with real estate finance and securitization transactions
  • Independent directors for distressed companies in both pre-bankruptcy and restructuring situations; our directors are well-versed in the intricacies of distressed situations and director fiduciary duties as they relate to companies that are insolvent or entering the zone of insolvency
  • Non-executive directors for special purpose entities formed for tax and risk management strategies, project finance transactions, and trademarks and intellectual property protection
  • Springing Member services for limited liability companies (LLCs); certain financing transactions require that LLCs appoint “standby” members whose appointments take effect any time the LLC lacks a member—our springing members provide compliance with these requirements

Rely on us for all of your transactions that require director services

Having the best-available directors is the goal of every company. Only an organization like Delaware Trust can provide clients with a comprehensive selection of director service alternatives and related specialized services.

Directors provided by Delaware Trust have experience in a variety of areas including financing transactions, financial distress situations and tax planning.

Our directors are knowledgeable about the intricacies of distressed situations and the fiduciary duties of directors of companies that are insolvent or entering the zone of insolvency.

Additional services:

Our extensive SPE offerings include administrative support, accounting and treasury management, and corporate governance services on a full-service or à la carte basis—we deliver the solution that best meets your objectives.

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