Delaware Trust Company (“Delaware Trust”) has provided experienced and adept independent directors to manage more than 20,000 complex and unique transactions since 1988. Lenders commonly require independent non-executive directors to serve on the boards of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) formed by companies to safeguard assets during major real estate transactions. Independent Directors also play a critical role on the boards of distressed companies.

Having the best-available directors is the goal of every company. Only an organization like Delaware Trust can provide clients with a comprehensive array of independent director and manager service alternatives and related specialized services.

Independent directors and managers provided by Delaware Trust have experience in a variety of areas including financing transactions, financial distress situations and tax planning. 

Our directors are knowledgeable about the intricacies of distressed situations and the fiduciary duties of directors of companies that are insolvent or entering the zone of insolvency.

Our extensive SPV offerings include administrative support, accounting and treasury management, and corporate governance services on a full-service or à la carte basis—we deliver the solution that best meets your objectives.

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