Delaware Trust Company (“Delaware Trust”) offers springing member (also known as special member) services for limited liability companies (LLCs). 

Certain transactions require LLCs, particularly single-member LLCs, to appoint “standby” members whose appointments take effect any time the LLC lacks a member. Though springing members have no ownership interest or voting authority, they may become a member of the company until a substitute member is found. Loan agreements for various financing structures often require a springing member to remain in place until the loan is satisfied. 

Delaware Trust can help companies and their legal counsel comply with these loan requirements. And, like our independent directors, our springing members can handle any situation seamlessly. 

With Delaware Trust, you receive:

Independence: We are not affiliated with any lending institution, law firm or investment advisory firm, minimizing the likelihood of conflict of interest. 

Flexibility: We are free of the layers of bureaucracy that tie the hands of many larger institutions. We will consider every transaction.

Responsiveness: When you contact a member of our team, you can expect a quick reply. Our clients know they can count on us when time is of the essence. 

Expertise: We have provided customized solutions for more than two decades. Our staff of seasoned attorneys, certified public accountants and finance professionals is ready to serve you. 

Stability: As a privately held company, our view of risk does not fluctuate with market conditions. Our focus is on the long term, not quarter to quarter. We are backed by one of the largest service companies in the industry. 

Capability: We are the premier independent provider of solutions for the structured finance, corporate restructuring, real estate, domestic and international tax, private placements and M&A markets. Our service offerings span trust and agency, special purpose vehicle management, and independent director services.  

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