Reinsurance Trust Services


As traditional lines of credit become more costly and inefficient, more and more companies are opting for reinsurance trusts to fulfill regulatory requirements. Many rely on the experts at Delaware Trust who know the industry and can easily navigate the complexities of the landscape.

We provide:

  • Trustee services

  • Custody

  • Escrow

  • Open investment architecture—allowing you to invest with your trusted financial advisor, whereas many of our competitors only offer their own investment options


Edward Morelli

Edward Morelli

Senior Managing Director

New York

Steve Giurlando

Steve Giurlando

Head of Business Development


Our experts quickly and efficiently set up reinsurance trusts across a wide range of industries. While we're able to provide standard documentation and a regular setup process to keep costs down, our legal experts are always ready to take on complicated structures and develop customized solutions to accommodate your needs.


Net Promoter Score
World-class service ranking

800 reinsurance trustee and custodial appointments

$1B average assets under administration

120+ years – a Delaware institution

In my 11 years working directly in the reinsurance industry, the team at Delaware Trust is the most responsive, diligent, and customer-service friendly trustee team I have had the pleasure to work with.

Cindy T, analyst at a large insurance company


Corporate Trust and Agency

We offer a full suite of trust and agency services for the United States and Europe.

Escrow and Specialized Agency

Partner with a truly independent provider to safeguard your assets.


Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you might have.

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