Independent, expert fund services for real estate and private equity markets.

Delaware Trust administers a wide variety of closed-end investment funds, and specializes in private equity and real estate fund administration. Our highly-specialized teams provide fund managers with customized fund administration services including fund accounting, net asset value (NAV) calculations, and back-office administration solutions. We offer a level of unmatched flexibility and expertise for the industry’s specialized needs and reporting requirements of the real estate and private equity markets.

Increasingly, independent third-party oversight and fund management is crucial for investor comfort, meeting regulatory requirements, and reducing internal operational costs. By partnering with Delaware Trust, fund managers can mitigate risks, increase transparency and accountability, and increase efficiency.

One of the primary responsibilities of the administrator is to provide an independent calculation of the NAV of the fund, which is something that investors increasingly require. Our reporting and accounting teams have extensive expertise in performing NAV calculations, preparing financial statements under the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), liaising with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) professionals, and have the flexibility to prepare customized and multi-currency reporting. As an independent provider not affiliated with any financial institution, fund manager, or investment firm, we are free to work with any of your existing advisors, accountants, auditors, or banks, and liaise freely without the worry of conflicts of interest.

Core capabilities include:

  • Real estate fund administration
  • Private equity fund administration
  • Investor communications, investor registrar, capital call, and distribution management and reporting administration
  • Accounting services including NAV calculations, preparation of audited U.S. GAAP financial statements, and liaising with third-party professionals for preparation of IFRS financial statements
  • Corporate management and back-office services including registered agent, annual report filing, principal place of business, records safekeeping, preparing and documenting board meetings and proceedings
  • Management services including qualified directors, managers, and authorized signatories
  • Treasury services, including cash flow control and forecasting, bank account management, processing payments on behalf of the fund to various U.S. state taxing authorities and the IRS, as directed by the third-party tax preparers and treasury management
  • Pre-launch and structuring support, including escrow and paying agent services, and transactional cash drawing as required
  • Liquidation services including accounting, reporting, disbursing agent, and tax coordination
  • Qualified custodial services to meet the requirements of the “Dodd Frank Custody Rule”

Delaware Trust offers a full suite of corporate trust and agency, escrow, directorship, and SPV management services. We are ready to assist you at your most critical moments. For more information, please complete the form to the right.