Delaware Trust Company is an independent, state-chartered, regulated trust company specializing in corporate trust and agency services. As a non-lending, non-deposit institution without conflicts, we offer full-service, third-party loan agency services to arrangers of syndicated loans and lenders in club deals for both distressed and performing borrowers.

Our Loan Agency Services offer syndicated loan originators and lenders access to experienced debt professionals who perform valuable services associated with drawdown, interest payment, principal repayment, and ongoing deal administration. Supported transactions include third-party loan administration for bi-lateral lending, syndicated and leverage lending, and loan asset servicing.

Delaware Trust Company’s Corporate Trust & Loan Agency Services leverage our significant knowledge and resources to eliminate the need for our clients to maintain the infrastructure required to perform the role of the administrative agent. Our loan administration services include:

Facility/administrative agent 
  • Serve as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders
  • Process utilization requests
  • Process payments (Principal and/or Interest)
  • Provide ongoing loan administration services and functions
Account bank cash
  • Maintain certain corporate bank accounts to receive and manage 
  • Administer permitted investments under the loan agreement
Calculation agent other
  • Make certain calculations of loan interest amounts and administer calculations as required
Collateral/security/agent trustee
  • Represent lender’s interest
  • Hold on behalf of the lenders certain pledged assets
  • Monitor compliance with governing trust agreement
Intercreditor agent
  • Aggregate information where there are multiple loan facilities and agents operating within a common pool of collateral

Our staff consists of seasoned corporate trust and loan agency professionals, attorneys, certified public accountants, and finance professionals. Our expertise in restructuring and bankruptcy enables us to effectively coordinate complex workout strategies with counsel, conventional and alternative lenders, and borrowers.  

Delaware Trust offers a full suite of corporate trust and agency, escrow, directorship, and SPV management services. We are ready to assist you at your most critical moments.  

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