M&A Market Services

Delaware Trust’s offerings for the merger and acquisition (M&A) market span trust and agency, SPV management, and private equity networking services. Our clients benefit from Delaware Trust’s in-house team of attorneys, certified public accountants, and legal and financial professionals who provide unsurpassed service in connection with M&A transactions.  

Trust and agency

Delaware Trust offers a range of trust, safekeeping, and agency services including:

  • Escrow agent for M&A holdbacks
  • Paying/disbursing agent of merger consideration
  • Dodd-Frank custodian services
  • Reg. D subscription escrows
  • Collateral agent for secured debt offerings

SPV management

Delaware Trust customers form special purpose vehicles (SPVs), also known as special purpose entities (SPEs), for a variety of reasons including tax or risk management, asset securitization, or intellectual property protection. Our SPV management services for the M&A industry include:

  • Accounting/financial reporting
  • Corporate Support/BPO
  • Situs management

Private equity networking services

Delaware Trust works with a multitude of middle market companies and private equity firms. Our objective is to facilitate the introduction of these parties to one another.

Businesses: If you are a middle market company looking for investment capital or if you’ve decided the time is right to sell your company, we can introduce you to our private equity clients. Best of all, we charge nothing for this service. We offer this as a courtesy to all of our clients.

Private equity firms: Let us help improve your supply of prospective investments. By teaming up with Delaware Trust, you'll benefit from our consistent efforts to generate leads from our vast and growing list of middle market clients. This is a free service provided to our escrow agent clients. 

Delaware Trust offers a full suite of corporate trust and agency, escrow, directorship, and SPV management services. For more information, please complete the form to the right. A Delaware Trust specialist will contact you soon. 

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