Lenders commonly require companies that form special purpose vehicles (SPVs) to take certain steps to safeguard assets during financing transactions. Companies may need to form a bankruptcy remote entity (also known as a bankruptcy remote vehicle), appoint one or more independent directors to their board, and more. These bankruptcy remote SPVs (or SPEs) play a crucial role in protecting investors from risk.

Delaware Trust Company (“Delaware Trust”) provides a full suite of bankruptcy remote entity services, from formation services to independent directors, independent managers, and springing members.

Delaware Trust can:

  • Assist with forming your new limited liability company (LLC) or other entity
  • Serve as the registered agent for receipt of service of process 
  • File annual reports to help you maintain your entity’s compliance in the state in which it is formed
  • Provide independent directors, independent managers, or springing members
  • Support tenant-in-common or other large programs requiring the formation and maintenance of multiple bankruptcy remote SPEs

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