Law firms, tax advisors, and corporations rely on Delaware Trust Company (“Delaware Trust”) for services related to passive investment companies (PICs) in Delaware and Nevada. These states have become a popular situs (home base) for passive investment vehicles based on their business-friendly climates, sophisticated courts, and corporate tax exemptions.

Delaware Trust provides a full suite of solutions for passive investment companies in both Delaware and Nevada, including:

  • Corporate Support/BPO: Mail processing and forwarding; telephone answering and message services; secure physical minute book storage and maintenance; conference room facilities.
  • Situs/Nexus Management: Shared or private office space; directors, officers, and employees; intellectual property administration and protection; administration and payment of operating expenses; bank account maintenance and reconciliation.
  • Financial Reporting: Multi-currency financial statement and general ledger preparation; investment portfolio accounting; interest and royalty invoice preparation; checking and custody account reconciliation; payroll administration; funds transfer execution.
  • Corporate Governance Services: Registered agent and registered office; company formations; corporate health checks; compliance watch and secure electronic data storage; preparation of local and state filings.

Our passive investment management services cover the entire SPV lifecycle from formation to dissolution.

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