Delaware Trust Company (“Delaware Trust”) provides complete and independent escrow agent services for a variety of commercial transactions. Few organizations can match Delaware Trust’s combination of experience, dedicated resources, flexibility and independence, making us the first choice of leading law firms, investment banks and other arrangers of commercial transactions.

Escrow agent services provide investors and companies with a trusted neutral third party for a variety of different transactions in order to protect assets.

Delaware Trust offers clients a generous selection of trust, safekeeping and agency services, including bond trustee, registrar, paying agent, custodian and escrow agent services. Delaware Trust is a truly independent provider regulated by the Delaware State Bank Commissioner and is not affiliated with any bank or investment firm. 

Whether in connection with a new transaction or as a replacement for an existing service provider, Delaware Trust stands ready to exceed your expectations in a variety of situations.

Delaware Trust offers clients corporate escrow agent services for a wide array of commercial structures and situations, each utilizing a distinct and customized approach to account management, technology and service:

  • Intellectual property escrows
  • Mergers & acquisitions 
  • Earn-out provisions
  • Golden handcuff provisions
  • Good faith deposit provisions
  • Holdback provisions
  • Indemnification provisions
  • Purchase price distribution
  • Purchase price adjustments
  • Domain name escrows
  • Environmental escrows
  • Litigation settlement escrows
  • Reinsurance trust escrows
  • Reorganization & liquidation escrows
  • Safekeeping of intellectual property
  • Software/source code escrows
  • Subscription escrows
  • Private placement stock offerings

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