In addition to customized corporate trust and escrow agent services, Delaware Trust provides a wide array of specialized agency services, including:

Collateral agent: When a secured lending transaction has multiple creditors, Delaware Trust representatives can serve as the secured party on UCC financing statements and take action as directed in the event that a borrower defaults.

Delaware asset custody: We offer flexible solutions and seamless coverage for clients who need to custody their assets in the state of Delaware. You can outsource the safekeeping of physical and intellectual property like trademarks, loan documents, cash, and stock certificates or other securities to Delaware Trust. Delaware Trust offers a full array of investment options for cash including institutional money market funds. 

Disbursing and paying agent: Delaware Trust can serve as a third-party agent to disburse funds to shareholders in connection with the sale of a closely held private company or to creditors pursuant to a company liquidation. 

Dodd-Frank custody services: The "SEC Custody Rule" requires registered advisors to ensure that all securities and other investments held on behalf of their fund investors are held by a "qualified custodian," a role that Delaware Trust fulfills. In addition, we provide account statements and assist with independent third party audits as required under the rule. 

General custody services: Delaware Trust can serve as a third-party custodian for a variety of other reasons in addition to those mentioned above providing greater transparency and comfort to investors and protecting securities and other assets from damage or loss. 

Delaware Trust offers a full suite of corporate trust and agency, escrow, private equity networking, directorship and special purpose vehicle services. For more information, please complete the form to the right. A Delaware Trust specialist will contact you with more details.